BumpMapGenerator is, as the name suggests, a tool with which you can create your own NormalMaps or BumpMaps. Starting from a normal ColorMap or HeightMap you can create your desired BumMap with the help of various filters and generators. The user interface and usability is designed for the more experienced users, but even with little experience and only a few tutorials on the topic you should be able to do your first steps. The tool is completely freeware and it is as good as it’s commercial competitors, such as ShaderMap 2 or CrazyBump.

Below is a list of all objects that are available in the tool to generate a normal map:

  • Textures are used primarily as a source for other objects and can be loaded from *.bmp and *.tga files. There are four different types of texture:
    • RGB – represents a texture with red, green and blue values
    • RGBA – represents a texture with red, green, blue and alpha values
    • Luminance – represents a texture with gray values. This type of texture is best suited for HeightMaps
    • LuminanceAlpha – represents a texture with gray and alpha values
  • Filters are objects that affect the color values of an existing object. The texture type does not change. In each filter you can setup which color channel will be affected by the filter. There are three filters:
    • Hue / Saturation – with this filter you can adjust the hue and saturation of an object
    • Brightness / Contrast – this filter affects the brightness and contrast of an object
    • Levels – using this filter, the color levels ​​of an object can be manipulated
  • Generators can be used to generate new objects. The texture type of the source object might change. There are seven generators:
    • Monochromatic – converts any object into a greyscaled object. The weight of the single color channels can be adjusted freely. The resulting format is Luminance or LuminanceAlpha.
    • Noise Detection – recognizes the noise around a certain Texel. The higher the difference of the surrounding texels, the higher the value of the calculated texel. The format of the object does not change.
    • Blur – provides several ways to blur an object. The format of the object will not be changed.
    • Blend – combines different objects with blending. The blend factors can be set individually for each object. The format is determined by the first source object.
    • Merge – connects two objects together. You can select which color channel to be used from which object. Again, the format is determined by the first source object.
    • NormalMap – generates a NormalMap or BumpMap. The format is RGB.
    • NormalMapMerge – connects multiple NormalMaps together. The intensity of the normal maps can be set individually for each object. The resulting format is RGB again.
  • 3D-Preview provides a three-dimensional preview. The textures can be viewed on various preset objects, or a mesh loaded from an wavefront *.obj file.




  • v1.0.1.3
    • OpenGL fixes for Linux
  • v1.0.2.6
    • fixed a bug in TGA export
  • v1.0.3.10
    • fixed a bug in HSV filter
  • v1.0.4.15
    • read and write support for jpg, png and dds files
  • v1.0.5.16
    • some small bug fixes
  • v1.0.6.27
    • some important bug fixes for all linux users
    • new icon for drag’n’drop linking of sources
  • v1.1.0.28
    • complete redesign of the texture calculation algorithms and application logic
  • v1.1.0.29
    • added feature: write custom shaders


  • This program is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the following license.
    This license applies to everything in this package, except where otherwise noted. Parts taken from other authors may be subject to their own licenses.
    This project is available under a dual-license model, applying either (1) or (2):
  • 1. Non-Commercial and Evaluation Use:
    You are granted a non-exclusive License to use the Software for any non-commercial and evaluation purposes for an unlimited period of time. The software product under this License is provided free of charge.

    • The Software may be installed and used by the Licensee for any legal purpose.
    • The Software may be installed and used by the Licensee on any number of systems.
    • The Software can be copied and distributed under the condition that original copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty will stay intact, and the Licensee will not charge money or fees for the Software product, except to cover distribution costs.
    • The Licensee will not have any proprietary rights in and to the Software. The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the Licensor retains all copyrights and other proprietary rights in and to the Software.
    • Use within the scope of this License is free of charge and no royalty or licensing fees shall be paid by the Licensee.
  • 2. Commercial Use:
    A special permission is required, please contact us for details: info@bergmann89.de


  BumpMapGenerator-i386-linux.zip (3.5 MiB, 2,471 hits)

  BumpMapGenerator-i386-win32.zip (3.4 MiB, 2,441 hits)

  BumpMapGenerator-x86_64-linux.zip (3.6 MiB, 4,657 hits)

  BumpMapGenerator-x86_64-win64.zip (3.6 MiB, 2,610 hits)

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