glslEditor is an editor for OpenGL shaders. It supports the user with syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, and information about the currently used variables and functions. It is also possible to test the shaders in the same editor on various objects, to detect errors in the shader code. The glslEditor supports multiple languages and in the current version it is available in German and English. The project was selected by the Delphi OpenGL Community DGL as the best project for Q4/2010 and the most useful project 2010.

  1. 1. Functions
    1. 1.1 What is currently possible?
      • 1st Release v0.4.08.087
        • creating vertex, geometry and fragment shaders
        • syntax highlight for the editors with self-defined styles and colors
        • function, variable and constant overview with drop-down menu and autocomplete for build-in’s (CTRL + SPACE)
        • menu where you can customize the build-in’s (if something is changed or new features are released)
      • 2nd Release v0.5.16.117
        • bug fixes
        • description of functions and variables in the drop-down menu of automatic code completion in a special area
        • settings dialog to adjust the window behavior
      • 3rd Release v0.6.18.123
        • bug fixes
        • revision of data management
        • multilanguage support, currently English and German
        • loading and Saving Projects
      • 4th Release v0.6.19.128
        • bug fixes
        • compiling and saving shaders
        • a unit to manage shader programs
        • log window with error output when compiling
      • 5th Release v0.7.21.134
        • bug fixes
        • menu bar and icons for the GUI
        • parameter and overload overview for the functions (basic)
      • 6th Release v0.8.22.141
        • bug fixes
        • a simple shader preview where you can apply the shader to defined primitives or loaded models
    2. 1.2 What is planned?
      • editors for tessellation tessellation control & evaluation Shader
      • function, variable and constant overview with drop-down menu and autocomplete for user-defined functions and variables
    3. 1.3 Ideas for the Future
      • version testing of each function and corresponding treatment in the editor
  2. 2. Development
    1. 2.1 Shared components / libraries
    2. 2.2 Known bugs
      • syntax highlight goes crazy when you use comment blocks (/ * Comment * /) – fixed in v0.4.10.101
      • Drop-down menu with an array as a struct type does not work. e.g. gl_LightSource [0] ambient. – fixed in v0.4.12.105
      • index number of arrays can be doubled – fixed in v0.4.12.105
      • the editors are not displayed correctly when changing the editors view.
  3. 3. Other
    1. 3.1 Awards

      Best Project Q4/2010

      Most Usefull Project 2010

      Best Project Q3/2011

      Best Project Q4/2011
    2. 3.2 Screenshots
    3. 3.3 Links

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