Welcome to my homapage,

I would like to use this page to share my projects, ideas or thoughts with you. So what is waiting for you on this site?

First of all, of course, the programs I have developed. Of course, only those who are really worth to be published. The programs are mostly useful tools for programming, or some small gimmicks or other games.

Furthermore, I would like to present my software projects on this page. These can then be used by you in your own projects. For the most part, you will find projects written with FreePascal, but also some other other programming language can be found here.

The last kind of content you find on this site are my thoughts that I want to share with you, information about innovations in my projects or simply the one or the other text that just flits through my head. As already know from other pages, this will be done in form of a blog.

Enjoy browsing,


Coding Projects



Hey guys, in the past few weeks I had to deal intensively with an Entity Component System for one of my projects. There are some articles in the internet, that describe this topic well, but all these articles are focused on the definition of an Entity Component System and don’t tell you how they work. […]

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I have decided to create a dynamic library for my project TextSuite 2.0. So the tool can be used easily in different programming languages. At the moment C, C++, C# and FPC (Delphi) are supported. Die library is shipped as 32bit and 64bit version for linux and windows. With this the most important systems should […]

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Hey guys, the one or the other will have already noticed: I update my web space and share my projects and libraries. Today I have finished the project page of an other of my projects: TextSuite 2.0. The TextSuite is a collection of classes for managing and drawing texts using OpenGL. The code, description, examples […]

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Hey guys, new project is not quite right, because the prjekt already exists a cuple of years. But now I  have invested some time and polished it up, to make it accessible to the general public. OpenGLCore is a collection of classes that allows you to quickly and easily develop OpenGL projects using FreePascal. With […]

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Hey guys, i’ve found one of my old projecs this week and I don’t want withhold this to you. WormholeSurfer is one of my first OpenGL projects that I have developed back then. It is not completly finished at all, but one could have fun with it a couple of minutes. So, have fun with […]

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I have just finished moving the domain to the new server and redesigned the page. And I think that the result is impressive. Because the support by my old provider was more than bad, the domain move was one of the things that has been longer on my list of things I wanted to do. […]

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BumpMapGenerator is, as the name suggests, a tool with which you can create your own NormalMaps or BumpMaps. Starting from a normal ColorMap or HeightMap you can create your desired BumMap with the help of various filters and generators. The user interface and usability is designed for the more experienced users, but even with little […]

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